The mission of Bengali Association of Calgary is to:
* Promote Hindu faith – its tenets, and doctrines – and perform religious celebrations in accordance with rituals and traditions followed by the Bengali Hindus.

* Promote understanding and practice of tenets and doctrines of Hindu faith as followed by Bengali Hindus and how it fosters the spirit of knowledge, nobility and selfless service for the overall well-being of individual and the society at large.

The objective of Bengali Association of Calgary is to:
* Establish, maintain and support a place of worship with services conducted in accordance with religious tenets and doctrines of the Hindu faith as practised by Bengali Hindus; 
* Promote Hindu faith through worship of various deities and celebration of Durga Puja, Kali Puja and Saraswati Puja following Bengali Hindu traditions;
* Organize religious lectures, meetings, retreats, prayers, songs etc. on a regular basis; and,
* Encourage and involve the members in various volunteering activities at local and provincial levels.