About Us

Bengali Association of Calgary (BAC) is a non-profit religious organization, registered under the act of Societies of Alberta on the 24th of April, 1978. The Corporate Access Number of the Association is 500 110 150. The association is awarded charitable status by Canada Revenue Agency, effective from the 28th of November, 2016. 

The purpose of the Association is to perform religious celebrations in accordance with rituals followed in West Bengal, India and Bangladesh. The Association also performs divine songs, dances & recitations and outdoor activity as well as participates in charitable activities by renting facilities. 

Bengali is one of the most spoken languages (ranked sixth) in the world. 21st February, the Bengali Language Movement day of 1952 is celebrated as the International Mothers Language Day all over the world by the United Nations. Bengalis celebrate religious programs in festive manners with flavor of deep-rooted Bengali culture, values and heritage.

Our growing membership of over 500 families from Calgary and other parts of southern Alberta at large represents a well-educated and established cross-section of expatriates from West Bengal, India and various other parts of India and Bangladesh. Members of this community have always well blended with general population while contributing with unique Bengali culture to the multicultural fabric of the Canadian society.

We are volunteering in collaboration with Alberta Gaming and Liquor Commission and Mustard-Seed. BAC donated funds to Red Cross for rehabilitation of flood and natural disaster affected areas of Calgary. BAC has organized fund raising events, BAC schedules donation of blood to Canadian Blood Services on a regular basis and donation of clothes & goods to the Value Village.

In Hindu Religion we worship many Deities as per “Veda” the sacred book of Hindu Religion. The Vedic deities symbolize the forces in nature as well as inside human being. The Gods, Goddesses and Demons mentioned in the Vedas represent various cosmic powers, on one hand and man's virtues and vices on the other.

As such Bengali Association of Calgary celebrates “Pujas” of three Deities. Mother Durga, Mother Kali and Mother Saraswati. The word “Puja” means praying to Gods/ Goddesses and offer flowers and sweets. Puja is performed by a Priest. The dates when these religious activities are performed are established following the Luni-Solar calendar which was developed by Vedic Sages