Our Dream

Through the years, like people from various other provinces of India and Bangladesh, the Bengalis traveled to abroad in quest of education and employment. As they settled down in the new locations, they brought along their typical Bengali passion and cultural-religious tradition.

Traditionally Bengalis are famous for their hospitality, volunteering and missionary work. Swami Vivekanada established Ramkrishna Mission for the welfare of the society besides stimulating Hinduism. Later it was extended to all over the world including different cities of Canada. With such ethnical and culturally religious spirit Bengalis are committed to involve in socio-economic programs for the benefit of the community even outside Bengal.

Hindus enjoy the freedom of worshipping their personally chosen icon to offer their prayers to the indefinable Brahman. Each deity in Hinduism controls a particular energy. These energies, present in man as wild forces must be controlled and canalized fruitfully to infuse a divine consciousness in him. For this, man has to gain the goodwill of different gods who stir up his consciousness accordingly to help him master the different forces of nature. In a person's path of spiritual progress, he or she needs to develop the various attributes of these godheads in him or her to attain all-round spiritual perfection.

 It appears that from long ago, the “Probasi Bangalis” all over, were driven by the emotional power to create a home for puja, prayer, meditation and community work in the form of a  “Religious Centre”.  BAC has recently stepped up with our “Religious Centre” initiative and reached out to all community members and well-wishers to come together and join us in making this dream come true.